Construction and Installation Project Management

At Agfab, our management culture promotes a partnering approach with our clients. Our broad range of multi-discipline experience enables us to deliver high quality projects in a seamless manner that is in the best interests of our clients and is on time and within budget.

Civil Construction

Our civil construction expertise is based around steel and concrete structures and stems from many years experience in the transport and water and wastewater industries.

We specialise in construction and refurbishment of small to medium structures and associated civil works for water treatment plants, pump stations, pipeline structures and buildings, often carried out in conjunction with our steelwork, mechanical and electrical installations.

Mechanical Installations

Our team of experienced fitters are able to assemble and install all types of mechanical equipment including workshop and plant room machinery, site plant and equipment, pumps and pipe-work, valves and fittings which must be installed to fine tolerances. We are able to re-level floors, install anti vibration mounts for machinery installation and align couplings. We can also organise balancing of rotating equipment such as impellers and fan blades. Balancing can be carried out on site or equipment can be removed and transported to our workshop and balanced as a part of the overhaul project.

Pump Installation

We have the ability to carry out most medium sized pump installations. Whether it’s a new pump installation or the replacement of an existing pumping system, submersible or base mounted pump installations requiring shaft/coupling alignment.