Agfab Engineering is a Registered Electrical Contractor employing a team of experienced industrial electricians, engineers and keen electrical apprentices. This gives us the ability to provide you and your company with competent and professional Electrical Trade and Electrical Engineering Services.

Our team has extensive experience in the water and waste water industries and has carried out design and construction of water related installations such as:

  • Switchboard Manufacturer
  • Industrial Automation and Control
  • Electrical Drafting
  • Plant Installation
  • Plant Commissioning
  • Installation of Field Devices
  • Energy Audits
  • Fault Finding

Our electrical department also offers routine maintenance service carrying out regular cleaning and calibration of waste water treatment plant equipment such as:

  • flow meters
  • level sensing and level control sensors
  • pH measurement sensors and controls and
  • chemical dosing systems

In addition we are able to supply water treatment chemicals, consumables and detailed reports.

The electrical department also serves many other industries such as:

  • transport equipment and administration assets
  • construction site works including temporary power and portable appliance testing
  • estate establishment and civic assets
  • motor car manufacturing industries
  • food and beverage production industries and
  • health care service assets such as hospitals and nursing homes.

The electrical team at Agfab have a strong commitment to Customer Service and are able to provide fast response to breakdowns and plant failures any time, day or night.

  • Construction Site Wiring
  • Pump Station Control Cubicles
  • Hazardous Location Wiring
  • Wastewater Monitoring
  • 24 Hr Breakdown and Maintenance Services

Our Electrical Engineering services also include assisting you and your company with the following:

  • Programming and set-up, of a large and diverse range of both modern and pre-dated, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Implementation of SCADA and how it will best work for your needs.
  • Configuration and Calibration of field devices, measurement equipment and sensors needed in modern plant operations.
  • Networking and communications of Plant equipment.

PROJECTS – The Electrical team at AGFAB are able to assist with all aspects of project lifecycle from plant conception, Electrical Engineering services, management of design, submission and approval of plans and drawings, manufacture and installation of plant equipment, commissioning as well as required and preventive maintenance.

Construction Site Wiring

Site amenities establishment such as site hut wiring, office and equipment installation, mandatory periodic testing and tagging of site amenities and portable tool tagging is carried out by qualified electricians.

Pump Station Control Cubicles

The process of designing, manufacturing, constructing, building and commissioning control cubicles to suit your design specification is managed and carried out in-house. This includes a variety of pumping station control systems.

Hazardous Location Wiring

Our electrical technical department are trained in the requirements of wiring and working within hazardous locations where intrinsically safe instrumentation is installed and operated.

Wastewater Management

Our electricians have extensive experience in the water and waste water industries. We have designed and constructed water related installations such as:

  • water pressure booster stations
  • sewage pumping stations
  • chemical dosing facilities
  • waste water treatment facilities
  • flow monitoring stations and
  • petrochemical, gas and hazardous locations equipment

24 Hr Breakdown and Maintenance Services

Agfab understands the need to keep your plant operational at all times therefore we offer 24/7 breakdown and maintenance service to help you meet that requirement.