General Engineering

Agfab Engineering provides mechanical fabrication, equipment manufacture, overhaul services, maintenance, electrical installations and building handyman/maintenance services for major corporations throughout Victoria and Australia.

Our Engineering division can design virtually any components, for either plant or equipment that your company may need. We can provide detailed drawings for the most fastidious of tradespeople or oversee manufacture in our own workshop.

Our all-purpose engineering workshop manufactures a broad range of custom designed components for many industries; water treatment, forestry and general engineering. Our own specialist technicians have the experience to carry out virtually any engineering task you may require; from small modifications through to structural steel fabrications and erections. The fact that this expertise and capability is permanently on staff means that Agfab can provide on the spot assistance at short notice

This team is ready prepared for complex maintenance and repair projects. Especially where continuous plant operation is mission critical and plant shutdown must be avoided.

  • Machine-shop Capabilities
  • Mild Steel Cement Lined Pipeline Fittings
  • Stainless Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Heavy Mobile Plant Modifications and Repairs
  • Forestry Equipment
  • ROPS Cabins
  • FOPS Frames
  • Guarding

Machine-shop Capabilities

Our machine shop is set up to provide comprehensive support to our fitters when overhauling plant and equipment. Fixed machinery includes standard lathes, milling machines, surface grinders and radial arm drills.

Building and overhauling unique plant and specialised equipment are projects that we thrive on. Our expertise ranges from manufacturing small plant and equipment through to overhauling large pumps that can pump thousands of litres per second.

Our ability to remove, overhaul, re install and test a wide variety of pumps is well recognised, from small metering pumps up to major pumping station centrifugal pumps.

Mild Steel Cement Lined Pipeline Fittings

Agfab can manufacture and install a wide variety of MSCL pipeline fittings ranging in size from DN100 up to DN2100. Fittings for which we have supplied MSCL fittings include lobster back bends, reducers, tees, multi take-off manifolds, straight flanged spools and manholes to most major Water Boards across Victoria.

When you engage Agfab to carry out your MSCL pipe fitting fabrication, you can be assured that we will work with you to ensure your fittings are provided on schedule.

Our mechanical and structural engineering expertise will ensure that all fittings are designed and verified with correct sized compensating plates and appropriate welding procedures to suit design operating pressures.

Concrete linings are repaired and sealed in accordance with industry standards and Sintacote is repaired and spark tested to ensure you are provided with the highest quality surface protection on offer.

Recognising that quality inspections and documentation requirements vary from customer to customer, we work with all of our customers to develop ITP’s that are detailed to suit your requirements.

Our experienced tradesmen can install all sized MSCL fittings and associated valve assemblies including installation into existing mains.

Stainless Steel

Development of welding procedures, pipe spool and pipe fitting fabrication, non destructive testing, pressure testing and installation of 316 stainless steel pipe line systems to handle methane gases are projects we have successfully undertaken. Our team of boilermaker, welders and fitters work closely with our customer to ensure a safe construction program is maintained and a well constructed operating plant is handed over.

Stainless steel fabrication and testing of structural steel, tanks, silos, pipe spools and pipe fitting fabrication for water treatment plants

Structural Steel

Agfab can fabricate structural steel items for virtually any small to medium sized application. We offer design and verification services for these fabrications and can produce high quality workshop drawings

We specialise in upgrading platforms and handrails where old plant may not have been built to satisfy today’s high safety standards or existing plant has deteriorated to the extent that replacement is necessary. Agfab can assist you with the review of existing plant and the development of concepts to suit your requirements. We can then carry out professional design and verification in accordance with Australian Standards.

We can arrange painting to your specification or galvanising as required.

Heavy Mobile Plant Modifications and Repairs

Heavy industrial equipment works hard, it wears and breaks down. Our tradespeople are fully mobile and can come to your site and carryout most repairs or, if possible, return the equipment to our factory where we can carryout the necessary repairs and get you working again in the shortest possible downtime.