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AGFAB wins Bostock Reservoir job for Barwon Water Alliance

AGFAB was recently awarded the contract to replace a major pipeline at Bostock Reservoir for Barwon Water Alliance. The project involves the replacement of approximately 350 meters of an existing DN525 unlined MS pipe within the outlet tunnel beneath the Bostock Reservoir with a new lined and coated pipeline. Work has commenced on this project and is expected to be completed by mid May 2013.

The project will involve the following works:

  • The isolation of the outlet pipe by installing an external blank plate at the inlet chamber to enable the pipe works to be carried out;
  • Dismantling and removal of the existing pipe infrastructure including all valves, actuators, pipe supports etc;
  • Dismantling and reinstating existing flow meter and valve operation platforms;
  • Installation of a new isolation sluice valves in the Inlet Chamber and external to the tunnel;
  • Installation of new OD 660mm MSCL pipework and fittings, including pipe supports, and thrust anchor blocks;
  • Fabrication of bends, fittings and T’s as per project drawings
  • Installation of wall mounted 450mm sluice valve, electric valve actuator, vertical bends, reducer, Steel support pedestal and existing platform structure in inlet chamber
  • Installation of OD 257mm MSCL environmental flow pipe work and associated fitting;
  • Removal of blank plate and replacement of SS grate post construction;
  • Re-installation of retained flow meter & surround galvanised walkway and new DN 600 SV electrically actuated with manual backup

The replacement outlet pipe works will result in a reliable water supply service and ensure the security of supply to the Upper Stony Creek Reservoirs and will maintain the available yield into the Moorabool system.

AGFAB goes Solar

Solar Panel array on the roof at AGFABAGFAB shows it”s ongoing commitment to the environment by installing a huge Solar Panel array on the roof. John Frattin, Agfab”s Managing Director said “not only will the investment help with our energy bills but by installing these panels we will be doing our bit to reduce Green House gases”.