Our Skills

The management team at Agfab Engineering have a very real commitment to improving employee skills and knowledge, including safety awareness, through training and continuous reinforcement of best practise. In addition to base trade certificates and skills, we look to further develop our employee’s skills via specialist courses and on the job training. Additional training courses offered to our employees include:

    • Asbestos pipe safety and awareness
    • Additional welding tickets
    • Rigging/Dogman crane drivers
    • Traffic control
    • White Card
    • Level 2 first aid
    • Manual handling
    • Eye safety awareness
  • Forklift licenses
  • EWP licenses
  • Confined Space Entry
  • CPR
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Sub Contractor Relationships
  • Professional Memberships

The Agfab management team recognises the industry wide concerns regarding the current and ongoing skills shortage problems across the country and globally. We are committed to providing trade apprenticeships for our youth and to increase the number of skilled tradespeople working within industry. Work placement is also offered to year 11 and 12 students that have a real interest to work in a trade.

Confined Space Entry

Agfab recognises that all confined spaces need to be treated with respect. Correct confined space procedures are not only important, they are life saving and required by law. We provide fully trained and experienced employees, along with a fully equipped trailer dedicated to working in confined spaces. The trailer is fully stocked with the following serviced and calibrated equipment:

  • Gas detectors
  • Oxyboks Self Rescuer
  • Air speed monitor
  • Mechanical ventilation 24″ and 8″ airflow fans
  • Safety Access Device (SAD)
  • Harnesses
  • Lifelines

In addition to the above equipment the required documentation that is provided for every confined space entry job includes confined space assessment sheet, risk assessment sheets, JSA’s, an emergency contact list as well as supporting documentation to assist personnel whilst on the job.

Vaccinations are offered to all employees and are kept current with ongoing blood tests and booster shots. In addition to the base confined space training course our specialised personnel are also certified to Melbourne Water E-O53 requirements which include CPR certification.

Safety Management Systems

Safety management is our number one priority across all areas of the business. The attitude from the highest level of management is to ensure the job is completed safely. Agfab Engineering recognises the importance of the laws behind the way in which a responsible business manages safety.

 Quality Management Systems

Agfab Engineering understands our clients need to deal with suppliers that have accredited management processes. Continually reviewing our work methods and procedures to increase efficiency and the quality of the products provided to our customers is paramount.

We recognise the benefits to both parties of using formalised processes to manage projects from the first contact with our customer through to completion of the project.


Environmental Management Systems

Agfab are currently working towards accreditation to AS14001:2004 in Environmental Management Systems. Pending accreditation, we operate under an established environmental policy and associated environmental procedures.

Sub Contractor Relationships

Agfab develops and maintains strong working relationships with its subcontractors. Our subcontractors are chosen for their capability and innovation in their areas of expertise and their ability to compliment the culture at Agfab. We liaise closely with our subcontractors to ensure established quality, safety and environmental standards are maintained in all subcontract works.