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Agfab Engineering were contracted by John Holland / KBR to Construct the Electrical Systems and Controls for the M483 St Albans to Werribee water pipeline. The scope included the electrical and mechanical installation of a Siemens Ultrasonic Flow Meter and two Rosemount Pressure Transmitters, installation of two Pressure Regulating Actuator Valves, Power and Communications, fabricate and fit out the Control Cubicles to operate and monitor systems operation.

(The finished works)


IMG_1836                              IMG_1838

Control system

P1030500 P1030318


Agfab assisting John Holland with pipe fabrication

Melbourne Water is currently constructing 17 klm of pipeline from the St Albans tanks to the Cowies Hill reserviour to increase delivery capacity to service the growing sprawl of housing development, principle contractor John Holland has engaged Agfab Engineering to fabricate some of the more complicated offeset sections.

The Dog Leg section shown below 1200mm dia x 22mt long which is one of two was  fabricated in the Agfab workshop and delivered to site for installation.

Agfab has also provided Trade Welding personnel onsite for pipewelding over the past 4 months to assist John Hollland maintain production schedule requirements.

image      image (4)



July 2016 -

The project continues to head towards completion with preparation for asphalt roadways, paths, kurb and channel and landscaping underway with staged mechanical and electrical commisioning in process at present, it is expected practical completion will be in approximately 4 weeks.

Top Left: Switch board commissioning     Top Right: Asphalt preparation

IMG_1326            IMG_1374

Bottom Left: Kurb and Channel works


June 2016 -

Pumps now in position in both wet wells awaiting electrical connection.


(below) Concrete finishing works near completion with final floor and access ways poured.

IMG_1329         IMG_1325

(right) The Screen Building moves closer to completion with penstocks installed, floor decking completed and electrical installation well underway.

(below) The connecting pipework and access walkways installed.


April 2016 -

As the months pass the site continues to transform, the Agfab workshop has been solidly occupied fabricating pipework, stairs and walkways, access ladders to support the Mechanical and Electrical fit out works.

QA/QC in the Agfab workshop.


Placement of the connecting pipework between the Pump Station and the Screen Building is commenced.


February 2016 -

Following the Xmas break for some Agfab are back in full swing, the back fill operation of the pump station excavation conventionally would have been undertaken by backfilling and compacting which presents with extensive time constraints, an innovative process was implemented using a large truck mounted remote controlled conveyor with a placement shute, supported by 18 cement trucks running continuously on the first day delivering and placing 700 cubic metres of stabilised sand.  The first load arrived on site at 05:00hrs and works were completed by 17:00hrs, two days later a further 500 cubic metres was placed to complete the backfill.

This work presents a major milestone on the project and whilst a range of other civil works are still required most activities are now Mechanical and Electrical with the fit out of the switch board room and installation of valves, penstocks , pump and other ancillary equipment.


IMG_8868                     DSC04983

Late December -

Last day for most in 2015, the Agfab crew are proud of their accomplishments over the past 6+ months with the majority of the civil works now completed.

DSC04967 2

The Stats

  • 174 tonnes of steel reinforcement
  • 1120 m3 of concrete
  • 24 concrete piles (600 mm diameter) and 4.5 m deep.

The concrete roof for the wet well was poured in late November. It, along with the screening structure will be water tested over the Christmas break. Mechanical equipment and connecting pipework is expected to be installed commencing late January 2016.

The project is the largest undertaken to date by contractors AGFAB. It has provided both Barwon Water and AGFAB with significant learning in relation to SQE culture, planning, resourcing and leadership on the project.

Late October – Things are really starting to take shape, The Pump Station walls are growing on all four sides , the Screen Building is starting to tower over the site and the Switch Building now has the panel wall in place awaiting a roof then fit out.

The Team is happy with the progress to date and the quality of product presented to the client.

image-2015-10-30-12-54-19_resized image-2015-10-30-12-53-58_resizedimage-2015-10-30-10-49-46_resized image-2015-10-30-10-44-58_resized   image-2015-10-30-12-53-53_resized

Late September - As works continue, (Top) the Pump Station is now growing with two of the walls all but completed and the remaining expected to be finished by mid October.  The site has been plauged by the ingress of ground water which wolud have been better done without, some innovative collective thinking devised a pumping system  to allow works to progress with minimal disruption. (Middle) The Screen Building has had significant development over the past four weeks, now a major foot print on the site. (Bottom) The Carpark is now completed and functional.




Late August 2015 – (Top) The first section of  the HDPE lined walls of the pumpstation are poured.  (Middle) The base  of the screening building is being prepared for the concrete pour.  (Bottom) To ensure safe management and placement of mateirals in and around the large open excavation a 150ton crawler crane is being utilised




Early August 2015 - (Left) Reo placement  for the floor completed and the base of the pumpstation is poured.  (Right) The foundations for the Screening Building are completed.

DSC04816    DSC04810

July 2015 – Works are now well underway at Black Rock WRP

Excavation for the new pump Station


Preparatory works for the screen structure


Works well advanced on the new car park



Agfab Engineering this week have been awarded the Barwon Water Black Rock Sewerage Treatment Plant upgrade, this represents a significant opportunity for Agfab and allows further development and utilisation of skills within the business.

Black Rock

The scope of works include;

  • Earthworks, Civil, Structural and building works
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Power, lighting, instrumentation and control works for all mechanical and electrical equipment
  • All associated pipework, valves, fittings, supports and accessories
  • Access walkways, platforms and stairs the drawings
  • Odour covers and platforms
  • Surface and subsurface drainage
  • All signage, pipe labelling

An exciting year ahead and a further opportunity to expand the ever increasing breadth of capacity across the three disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Operations.


Constructing the unusual (Blue tree)

RACV  Club

RACV Club Healsville Vic

USA commencing Installation

USA Commencing Installation



Construction underway

USA Construction Underway




Finished Tree
USA Tree Completion






Following Afgab’s fabrication and installation of an abstract tree for the Healesville RACV Resort which gained acclaim by winning a design award, a second tree of similar configuration has been designed fabricated, transported to a gated community Casa Mira View in San Diego USA. This project required significant coordination and project management from overseeing the concept created by artist Con Dimopolous, design and drawing, fabrication of some 300 component parts, assembly to ensure quality control, dismantling for grit blasting and painting, packaging and placement into a container for shipping.

An Agfab Project Manager travelled to the USA to supervise the installation of the tree titled Blue Tree.

This tree now forms part of a larger street art display, the tree has attracted interest from art lovers who have embraced the concept, additionally the engineering types admire the complexity of the effort required to fabricate such a complicated structure with the myriad of complex angles which collectively create the structure some 8mt tall.

The finished product compliments the collective skills of all involved, the conceptual artist, designers, drafting staff, workshop tradespeople and the Project Manger.


Pettavel Basin Construction Geelong

Early earth works

Early Earth Works

Reservior floor lining

Reservior Floor Lining

Outlet Pipework

Outlet Pipework

Roof cover in place

Roof Cover in Place





Valve house construction

Valve House Construction






Pettavel Basin Construction

Pettavel Basin, a 50 megalitre lined and covered reservoir constructed by Agfab’s Civil team between September 2013 and May 2014, the works involved stabilisation excavation works for the floor of the basin with restrictive tolerances for compaction and moisture content, fabrication and placement of inlet and outlet pipework.

Civil works continued until the full shape of the basin was completed, a ring beam was then laid around the perimeter of the basin, the basin was then HDPE lined and ultimately covered, an access roadway was also constructed to complete the main body of civil works.

The existing valve house was modified substantially with valve replacements and significant pipe alteration, new gratings were manufactured and fitted to meet current safety requirements.

The completed work now stands testament to the Agfab Civil Project team.


Hayman Island Critical Electrical IMG_1612Works

Hayman Island Reverse Osmosis and Sea Water Intake Pump Station upgrades


During early 2014, Agfab Engineering was contracted to provide electrical installation of a range of components to support the upgrade of both the RO plant and the SWIP, these works were carried out during a period where the island was closed to tourism to allow the extensive upgrades and renovations to be undertaken.

Works involved:

  • Development and execution of Installation Test Plans
  • Removal of existing power supply cables
  • Installation of new conduits for power and signals from the power station
  • Installation of new signal and network cables
  • Carry out all interconnections
  • Carry out all connections to field equipment
  • Provide as completed drawings
  • Design and build electrical control cabinets
  • Supply and install a PLC network
  • Support the commissioning activities
  • Development and provision of system commissioning plans

Whilst the vision of Hayman Island generated a queue of employees volunteering to be part of the work team, the actual site conditions were not so glamorous. High temperatures and extreme humidity required a constant focus on re-hydration and fitness for duty, scheduled rest breaks and early starts to allow works to be undertaken in cooler conditions.

The island was also threatened on a number of occasions by cyclonic conditions and although no evacuation was necessary works were stopped during high winds to ensure the safety of employees.


Rising Main Repair, Melbourne Water Eastern Treatment Plant“]

Agfab were contracted by Transfield Services on behalf of Melbourne Water when the rising main from the Eastern Treatment Plant began to leak. This pipeline known as the South East Outfall Pipeline runs from the Eastern Treatment Plant in Bangholme to Boag Rocks, Fingal which is a distance of some 40 kilometres. The pipeline is critical to Melbourne Water as it is the only outfall from the multibillion dollar Eastern Treatment Plant which processes 40% of Melbourne’s sewage.

After undergoing a two stage treatment the end product, Class C Recycled Water is pumped via the pipeline and discharged under an EPA licence into the ocean. The timing of this job was critical as we needed to complete the job in 48 hours to avoid the risk of the plants holding lagoons reaching capacity. This required a great deal of planning as the pipeline had not been closed off for in excess of 40 years.

Agfab manufactured a 5 metre long spool piece of 2100cm Mild Steel pipe and associated flange which was installed in place of a faulty valve and flexible joint. As it was possible that the existing pipe contained asbestos special precautions had to be put in place for the cutting and removal of the faulty section of pipe. After the new spool was put in place we then had to weld an expansion joint between the old and new section of pipeline.

The Melbourne Water operators were more than pleased when we handed the pipeline back to them ahead of time and everything went smoothly with recharging the main.

The project was an outstanding success and there was “Nil time lost to injury”; a testament to the planning and execution of all the required tasks carried out by our team.


wedge st

Agfab were chosen by BMD to partner with them in the construction and installation of an architecturally designed pedestrian bridge for the Wyndham City Council. The result is a stunning 140 meter long bridge extending from the new Werribee piazza on the corner of Wedge and Watton Streets across the Werribee River to Wyndham Park.

There were considerable challenges that had to be overcome with a structure of this serpentine shape, not the least of which was transporting the sections and the on-site positioning. The bridge consists of over 150 tonnes of steel and took in excess of 14,000 man hours to construct and although it is a stunning piece of engineering we consider our greatest success in addition to bridge was the safety compliance under difficult conditions, the entire works were completed without Injury or Incident continuing our constant focus on Zero Harm.

The bridge is now the centre piece of Wyndham Councils redevelopment of the Werribee Riverbank precinct as it winds its way over the river and through the tree tops.